Greeting Cards Stimulate Connectivity and Celebrations

By September 22, 20202020

Chicago, September 22, 2020 – Paper Source, a premier lifestyle brand and gift retailer, has quickly become the only specialty card shop with a national footprint –contributing to double-digit growth in this category, selling more than 10 million cards annually both through their e-commerce and store channels.

Adapting quickly during the pandemic and reopening of our nation, Paper Source has expanded an already impressive assortment by offering cards honoring healthcare heroes, social distancing cards and more. Since in-person interaction presents challenges for many, greeting cards and stationery became a means of connecting with one another.

Alongside Paper Source’s in-house designs, the highly curated greeting card assortment features cards from more than 250 niche makers.  Working closely with small makers has enabled Paper Source to grow with emerging trends and add over 350 new cards to their assortment since March.  Similarly, the brand has been able to work to support the efforts of makers to grow their small business by participating in programs such as #18MillionThanks, a grass-roots movement founded by independent greeting card artists encouraging people to write notes of appreciation to frontline workers using USPS.

Paper Source will also participate in Thinking of You Week, an international movement celebrating the joy of sending and receiving a handwritten letter, for the second year in a row this September. “People seek human connection. How we build, establish and nurture those connections has evolved,” said Winnie Park, CEO of Paper Source. “Sending a card is no longer part of a checklist. It’s about giving something special and is a tactile, genuine experience. In this digital age, experiences are our best means of connecting.”

Paper Source has seen a 935% increase in greeting card sales on their  e-commerce site at the height of the pandemic, with many of their greeting cards customers purchasing multiple cards per transaction.

Being the best little card shop isn’t about having everything; it’s about having the right things. Founded on artisanal papers gathered by its founder’s worldly pursuits, this focus has paved the way to a proprietary color palette and numerous innovations, adding to the vibrancy and continued success of the brand.  “Nearly half of our assortment is exclusive,” said Patrick Priore, Chief Merchandising Officer. “Our teams work really hard to curate an assortment that is this evocative. We are able to manufacture whimsy and wonder through the incredible talents of our in-house design team and production teams that know artisanal paper.”

As one of the last national remaining cards shops in the country, Paper Source has enabled people to maintain a connection and celebrate milestone moments with friends and family through handwritten communication.  Nearly 40% of all new customers to the brand since March have been stationery buyers.  With the re-opening of their 135 retail locations, Paper Source is now seeing these customers return for a companion to cards and more. Gifts, a category that has grown 25% in the last five years wrapping paper, balloons and party supplies are all part of the magic living in this card shop making it the destination for connectivity as the country adapts to new ways of celebrating.

About Paper Source

Founded in 1983, Paper Source is a premier paper and gift store offering a curated selection of fine and artisanal papers, invitations, gifts, gift wrap, greeting cards and an exclusive collection of envelopes and cards. With the goal to “Do Something Creative Every Day,” Paper Source is committed to offering inspiration and innovation to their customers as they celebrate all of life’s moments, both big and small. In support of this mission, Paper Source offers a creative aesthetic with a unique color palette and proprietary designs that are hand-illustrated by an in-house Art and Design team. As of August 2018, Paper Source operates stores in 29 states, the District of Columbia, plus an ecommerce store and wholesale division. For more information, please visit

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